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There are several types of window treatments that can leave you overwhelmed on which one to choose. Blinds and shades are common window treatments that have been in existent for some years. Window shutters, on the other hand, are getting more and more popular. Window coverings provide a personalized homely atmosphere to a room, and window shutters are a good example of this, and they add a unique feel to a room not to mention that they can be designed to match your personality. After considering these benefits of window shutters, you will want to install them as the new way to dress up your windows and click here now.   


Energy Efficient - Window shutters provide for both sound and thermal insulation. Closed panel doors and louvers offer a layer of sound insulation. The wooden layer on the window covering acts like an additional layer of insulation to the home. The timber obstacle insulates the room maintaining warmth amid the winter, therefore, assisting in minimizing heating bills. During summer, open windows and closed panels help in eradicating unwanted heat hence allowing the air to circulate. Installing window shutters can increase the energy efficiency of your home.     


Low Maintenance - An occasional quick wipe with a damp cloth will keep the window shutters clean.  Compared to other window coverings, window shutters need very little maintenance since dust doesn't collect on shutters in the same way it does on blinds and fabric curtains. Dust buildup can harbor dust termites; hence, plantation shutters are ideal for those suffering from allergies and prefer to stay in dust-free environments. Plantation shutters are also resistant to moisture, warping, cracking and rotting making them suitable for water-prone areas.   


Customizable - Among the key points of window shutters is that they can be customized according to the needs of your home. They are designed to measure, so they fit your window well. There is also an assortment of extra aspects to choose from when ordering window shutters such as installing light strips at the edges of the interior mounts. Such strips limit light from penetrating along the sides of the shutters. Another customization is having hinges installed into grooves to recess them into the frame of the window. This, as you will find out when you read more information, minimizes the amount of space between the edges of the slats and the window frame. 


Curb Appeal - Shutters complement any decor, implying they add visual appeal and functionality to your windows. They are also a great investment since shutters are the only window treatment regarded as a capital home improvement by the IRS.


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